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MBH Architects was founded in 1998 and is a Corporate Member of the South African Institute of Architects. We are a well established firm of architects, based in Johannesburg South Africa. With South Africa being a member of the BRICS alliance and one of the world’s leading emerging markets and generally considered to be the gate way into Africa and the SADC (Southern African Development Community), we are ideally located to facilitate international property investment into Africa. We are one of only a few architectural firms in South Africa, having expertise in the highly specialised field of designing Hospitals and truly understanding the complexities pertaining to the relationships of flows between the different units and sections, which include Operating Theatres, CSSDs, ICUs, as well as Ambulatory Services such as ERs, Renal Care Units, Endoscopic Units, Radiology etc. However, our expertise not only includes the highly specialised fields of Hospital, Clinic and Pharmacy design with all related and ambulatory services, but designing other building typologies as well, such as Mixed Use Urban Architecture, Industrial buildings, Commercial and Retail buildings, Residential buildings. As long standing members of the Chicago based Congress for the New Urbanism, which advocates public transit and pedestrian sympathetic and mixed use urban architecture, we are passionate about Inner City Redevelopment. Although we are head quartered in Johannesburg South Africa, our services are not limited to the African continent exclusively, but worldwide. We see ourselves as a major role player in bringing about a better urban landscape, and an increasingly more sustainable architectural vernacular, not only within the SADC region and Africa, but also globally. MBH Architects currently has a BEE rating of 4.
Beata Heunis was born in Poland and is a qualified SACAP registered Professional Architect, specialising in Primary Health Care design.
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Manus Heunis was born in South Africa and is a qualified SACAP registered Professional Architect, specialising in Hospitals, Industrial Buildings and High Rise Residential design.
MANUS HEUNIS Managing Director
BEATA HEUNIS New Business Director
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