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Our Mission Statement
We      strive      towards      the      creation      of TRANSIT    ORIENTED    DEVELOPMENTS (TOD)   with   a   balanced   mix   of   activities   - dwelling,     shopping,     working,     schooling, health   care,   worshiping   and   recreation   -   all within    a    walkable    configuration,    where many       clusters       of       neighbourhoods, interlinked      with      parks,      cycle      lanes, walkways,    trams    and    metro    rails,    form pedestrian    friendly    urban    environments, that   decreases   the   private   stresses   of   time in   traffic   and   minimises   the   public   borne expenses      of      road      construction      and atmospheric pollution.
Our Vision
We   embrace   the   challenge   of   creating   a contemporary       exterior       and       interior architectural     vernacular,     firmly     founded upon    sustainable    design    principals    and building   technologies,   where-in   the   client’s spatial    and    aesthetical    requirements    are born    from    and    realised    by    means    of    an integration    between    environmentally    and ecologically   suitable   materials;   and   visually appealing,    ergonomically    optimised    and economically              feasible              design fundamentals.
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Through our Corporate Membership with the South African Institute of Architects, our practice is also affiliated with the following two bodies